Monday, July 16, 2012


Canna leaf, hosta leaf,begonia leaf and oriental lily

Galadium and pink wild flowers
Azalea branches, Dahlias

Coreopsis with tube container-I made at ceramic class


Pieris forrestii, coreopsis
Thalictrum(Rochebrunican) , Dahlias

Azalea branches, Daisy

Azalea branches, black-eyes susan
  I finished presentation this afternoon for Japanese flowers arrangement. The garden club members enjoyed very much, it was a very successful presentation indeed. I used power point to introduce Ikebana and then demonstrated three styles such as up right and slanting Moribana and up right Nageire those basic styles and prearranged some of the arrangement in the crafts room before the event. (7-10-12)

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