Thursday, December 24, 2009

New year arrangement

We use special materials and arrangements for Festive Occasions. It often happens that placing just one Ikebana can totally change the environment which you are familiar with.
The traditional Ikebana materials for New Year arrangement are pine,bamboo and Japanese plum,flowers such as chrysanthemum, camellia,lily,narcissus etc... My friend Lynn gave me handsome bamboo from her backyard. It made this composition look different. I also got beautiful red-Berry from shopping mall and sprayed silver paint on pine branches and decorated with silver and gold paper strings on top of the bamboo. The Mizuhiki (paper strings)is a typical decorative material for Japanese New Year, which my teacher gave me a year before. BTW:the secret way to keep freshness of bamboo leaves is to put water inside the bamboo shaft (Ms. Lin said). 12-15-09

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