Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Lha Formosa

1) To make an arrangement on the space of a wall. I created this design on a black background hard-board,with big dried branch and two yellow Asiatic lilies. - No title. (6-16-09)

2) The following class with same ideas + with title "I Lha Formosa" --Beautiful Island (6-30-09)

Portuguese sailors, the first Europeans who settled on Taiwan, were so taken by the natural beauty of Taiwan as they sailed passed by that they called the island "I Lha Formosa". Taiwan(Formosa) is a subtropical island off the southeastern coast of China. The island is shaped like a yam. It is situated on the rim of the Eastern Asian continental Shelf between Japan and the Philippines. During the 16th and 17th,18th and 19th centuries, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, China(Ch'ing Dynasty) and Japan vied for control over Taiwan. After Japan lost World war II in 1945, China's KMT party administratively controled Taiwan. The people of Taiwan has endured through a lot of hardship, struggled to rebuild their own country.
Taiwan deserves the support and recognition from international community. Lily is a"symbol and hope" of the Taiwanese people. Muscadet Lily with a rich scent is as pretty as a lily can get.

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